Top 10 Customer Inquiries - Answered!

Over our 19 years of making custom plastic enclosures, we've heard a lot of different questions regarding our capabilities and how we can help make our client's projects some to fruition

Top 9 ACM Questions Asked - And Answered!

In 2011, Envision Plastics and Design introduced Aluminum Composite Material to our customers

Plastic Enclosure Standoffs

For those of you arriving at this page from an online search-don't leave

How To Be Unpopular In The Plastic Enclosure Design World

There are certainly many different routes to consider when designing a custom plastic enclosure

Envision Plastics - Where To Go For Custom Plastic Enclosure Design Help

When a new project lands on your plate that requires a custom plastic enclosure, what steps do you take to source one? There are many routes to take - some familiar, some unfamilar, and some you may not know about - not quite yet anyway

How To Make Custom Plastic Enclosures - Envision a New Way of Plastic Fabrication

Custom Plastic Enclosures - No Molds No Tooling No Problem

Custom Speaker Enclosures

Due to the diversity of our customer base, Envision provides custom plastic housings and enclosures for a multitude of applications

Plastic Enclosure Applications for NMR Technology

Recently, I was asked “what I did for work”

NMR Technology Survey Results

Earlier this summer, Envision Plastics sent out a survey to existing customers that centered around how our No Molds Required (NMR) technology had an effect on their most recent custom plastic enclosure project

NMR Plastic Fabrication A to Z

Since the No Molds Required plastic fabrication technology is unique and new to most people, we thought it would be fun to share some key terms, A to Z, that we use around our shop

Envision Plastics Glossary

Envision Plastics Glossary of Terms: The following terms have been compiled due to the nomenclature of our offering at Envision, the nature of the No Molds Required fabrication technology and simply from the dialogue that we have had with our clients over the past two decades

Hide the Speakers, But Keep the Sound with a Custom Plastic Speaker Enclosure

Speakers are the lifeblood of any audio system

How Custom Plastic Enclosures Made Me a Better Person

I’ve been selling custom plastic enclosure design solutions for 19 years at Envision Plastics and Design

How to Design A Cheap Plastic Enclosure

First off, the word cheap is meant to relate to price – not perception of quality

Injection Molding vs NMR Technology

Plastics are used in every industry as they provide versatile options and have a wide range of applications

Finding the Perfect Camera Case, Camera Box, or Camera Housing Enclosure

Looking for the perfect plastic enclosure for a camera? A driver’s license is a common form of identification

Ensuring Product Longevity with a Custom Plastic Enclosure

Screens are an integral part of life

Simple Guidance For Custom Plastic Enclosure Design That Everyone Needs

Standard plastic enclosures are great

What to Consider for a Custom Electronics Box?

Moving from "invention phase” to "product phase” can be difficult for any prototype

Advantages of Using Plastic for Your Next Enclosure

Custom Plastic Battery Enclosures and Covers for Vehicles and Boats

Since our start in 2001, there have been numerous occasions where we have been asked to make custom plastic battery enclosures, plastic battery housings, plastic battery covers, and other plastic fabricated parts associated with batteries

Custom Plastic Enclosures For Medical Device Products

One of Envision Plastics and Design's core markets is medical device products

Custom Plastic Tablet Enclosures

A few months back, we mentioned fabricating custom plastic tablet display enclosures

RoHS Compliant Plastic Enclosures

Since the RoHS Directive took place in 2006, a lot of changes were made to products offered to manufacturers

EMI Coatings Applied to Electronic Enclosures

Over the years, Envision Plastics and Design has made dozens of different custom plastic enclosure part designs that required EMI shielding applied to them

How to Build a Custom Plastic Enclosure

In doing some FAQ research from our incoming requests, customer inquiries, and even a little Google research, we've come across numerous inquiry phrases revolving around "How to Build a Plastic Housing"  or "How to Build a Custom Electrical Enclosure"

Automotive Aftermarket Electrical Enclosures

We've mentioned before how our NMR Technology touches so many industries