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5 Tips For Designing A Cheap Plastic Enclosure

First off, the word cheap is meant to relate to price – not perception of quality

Injection Molding vs NMR Technology

Plastics are used in every industry as they provide versatile options and have a wide range of applications

What To Do When You Cannot Find the Perfect Off-The-Shelf Plastic Box?

At Envision Plastics & Design we are in the fortunate position of providing solutions

Finding the Perfect Camera Case, Camera Box, or Camera Housing Enclosure

Looking for the perfect plastic enclosure for a camera? A driver’s license is a common form of identification

Ensuring Product Longevity with a Custom Plastic Enclosure

Screens are an integral part of life

Custom Speaker Enclosures

Due to the diversity of our customer base, Envision provides custom plastic housings and enclosures for a multitude of applications

Simple Guidance For Custom Plastic Enclosure Design That Everyone Needs

Standard plastic enclosures are great

Envision Plastics & Design to the Rescue!

We recently earned a new customer by coming thru for them with a new design for an under-dash mount plastic enclosure

What are the Benefits of Using ACM?

Aluminum composite is a lightweight material which is designed for many applications

What to Consider for a Custom Electronics Box?

Moving from "invention phase” to "product phase” can be difficult for any prototype

The Benefits of ABS Plastic Enclosures

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a common thermoplastic polymer

Advantages of Using Plastic for Your Next Enclosure

Plastic is continuing to evolve as it is lightweight, durable, thermally conductive, cost-effective, and easy to manufacture

Kudos to our Design Engineers

At Envision Plastics & Design our engineering services are 2nd to none

EMI Shielded Plastic Enclosures

Envision Plastics & Design can add EMI shielding to your enclosure or other plastic part

Backlit & Back Printed Logo Plates

Envision Plastics & Design has a great way to jazz up your custom enclosure, panel or shroud

Body Camera Housing

Envision Plastics & Design recently helped out a local police department with a replacement part for their body camera housings

Recent ACM Projects

ACM brands such as Dibond and Alupanel are usually meant to be used as panels in signage or architecture applicatons-  but recently, Envision Plastics has again broadened the horizon for this unique material

Send Us Your Boards!

At Envision Plastics & Design, our

Who doesn't love Raspberry Pi? Am I right?

At Envision Plastics and Design, we are here to help you with your custom plastic enclosure needs for any of your Raspberry Pi projects

Emphasis On Customer Service

At Envision Plastics and Design, our exceptional customer service will be comforting for you on your road to success

NMR - Not just for small PCB Housings

We just helped design and fabricate one of the largest footprint plastic enclosures we have ever done for a client

Mobile Mounting Plates

Our NMR process fits a lot of different applications

Design Services

We put the DESIGN in Envision Plastics & Design

Many different applications for NMR!

At Envision Plastics and Design, we do an exceptional job building

Custom ACM Fabricated Control Panel

Recently, an Envision Plastics customer asked us to make a simple insertable machine panel with some identification graphics using our Mimaki digital printer

Custom Fabricated Plastic Control Housings

Envision Plastics' custom plastic fabrication process helps a lot of different industries

ACM Wall Mounted Cover

Envision Plastics and Design recently worked with a customer to design a wall mounted cover that needed to be aesthetic enough to be visible in an apartment closet

Envision Plastics Outdoors

Envision Plastics is working with a local company that will provide wireless access during the big game next February

Logo Printing

Due to our two Mimaki digital printers, we have awesome logo and text printing capabilities here at Envision Plastics and Design

Plastic Game Board

Envision Plastics' typical industries are medical, industrial, and telecommunications, but we have never worked in the board game industry

Down Under

Envision Plastics and Design has clients all around the globe

Did You Know You Can Use Plastic Electric Housings as Din Rail Mounted Enclosures?

It's becoming more and more common for our customers to use the custom plastic electrical housings we manufacture as din rail mounted enclosures

Custom Bezel Design Saves the Day for LCD Screens

Envision Plastics and Design just helped out another new customer with a custom plastic LCD bezel design

You May Be Surprised by Who's Using NMR Technology for Plastic Enclosures

In 2015, Envision Plastics and Design served a record 126 customers

The Perfect Custom Plastic Battery Cover for Vehicles and Boats

Since our start in 2001, there have been numerous occasions where we have been asked to make custom plastic battery enclosures, plastic battery housings, plastic battery covers, and other plastic fabricated parts associated with batteries

Clear polycarbonate test enclosure with hinged front access panel.

We have yet another satisfied customer here at Envision Plastics

New Medical Training Device

Envision Plastics recently helped a customer design and build a medical training device enclosure

Store Signage

One of Envision's latest projects entails plastic fabricated signage for the retail industry

Plastic Fabricated Electrical Switch Plate Cover

Yes, Envision Plastics and Design can make some rather complicated plastic fabricated parts as seen on our plastic enclosure product page

Impactive Plastic Enclosure Product Development

When we introduce our NMR Technology to new customers the biggest obstacle we face is having to educate the individual on what NMR is, how it can be useful, and that it's not that difficult to integrate into a design or design around

Aftermarket Automotive Plastic Fabrication

As mentioned previously through other posts, Envision Plastics and Design is utilizing ACM (Aluminum Composite Materials) to fabricate enclosures, panels, signage, POP Displays, and even trade show displays

Advertising Fabrication

Have a need for advertising signage?  Envision Plastics and Design now offers this service out of our Minnesota plastics fabrication facility

Automotive Aftermarket Accessories

Recently, we were approached with an opportunity to supply an automotive company an aftermarket accessory package to thier standard vehicles that would utilize Aluminum Composite Materials

Weatherable Plastic Enclosures

Recently, Envision Plastics and Design has seen a spike in the need for outdoor rated plastic enclosures

New Brochure is Here!

After a few weeks of brainstorming, plastic enclosure photo taking, and content writing, our new Envision Plastics and Design product brochure has been released

Vented Plastic Enclosures

By now, I'm sure you realize that Envision Plastics and Design makes customized plastic enclosures

Custom California Girls - Wait, I Mean Custom California Enclosures

California is known for a lot of things; one of them is the annual MD&M West medical device trade show

MR Medical Technology Enclosure

An article was recently posted by a customer of ours that describes how thier innovative medical technology assisted a patient with a heart issue

Plastic Pharmaceutical Storage or Transport Bin Enclosures

While pharmaceuticals are certainly part of medicine, it's an industry that stands by itself and should not be lumped into the Medical Industry per se

Veterinary Care Products - Custom Housings

In an earlier blog post I mentioned the medical modalities that Envision serves with our NMR Technology

Custom Automotive Plastic Housings

The NMR Technology used at Envision Plastics and Design does not typcially lend itself to industries which have mass quantity production of products

Security Device Housings

Envision Plastics and Design has several customers who purchase custom electronic plastic enclosures for security purposes made from the No Molds Required Technology

Electronic Control Boxes

When asked what kind of plastic enclosures we make, we often provide several different answers

Medical Device Plastic Enclosure Products - Continued...

After further review, it was realized that there was much more to speak of in regards to our last blog post regarding plastic medical device electronic enclosures

Custom Medical Housings - MRI

One of Envision Plastics' core markets is medical device products

Sloped Front Display Enclosures

Over the past few years Envision Plastics and Design has helped our customers fabricate numerous enclosures with a sloped front face

CUSTOM Plastic Enclosures, Panels, and Housings

On a daily basis we get inquiries from the internet regarding our NMR Technology and how we might be able to apply it to our customer's plastic fabrication applications

Larger Digital Printer - It's here!

The new Mimaki digital printer is here and operational

Custom Kiosk Displays and Enclosures

Over the past several years, we've received numerous requests to fabricate custom kiosk components

Plastic Battery Boxes

One of our newer project opportunities involves a custom plastic battery box

Mechanical Design and Engineering Process

When we talk to new clients about thier custom plastic enclosure applications they often do not have all the necessary details on how to create an enclosure within the capabilties of the NMR Technology - Which is just fine

Locations Served with NMR Technology

It's very common for Envision Plastics to do business outside of our home state of Minnesota

Custom Agricultural Equipment Enclosures

Snow's gone

Custom Plastic Storage Bins

Sometimes the simplinst things you shop for are not availble

Custom Plastic Tablet Enclosures

A few months back, we mentioned fabricating custom plastic tablet display enclosures

Circuit Board Plastic Enclosures

People often ask what our bread and butter products are

RoHS Compliant Plastic Enclosures

Since the RoHS Directive took place in 2006, a lot of changes were made to products offered to manufacturers

Sliding Lid Plastic Enclosures

We have many different types of NMR Technology produced plastic enclosure examples on our website, however one type of enclosure not specified is the concept of having a removable sliding cover for the plastic housing

Hinged Plastic Enclosures

Over time, Envision Plastics and Design has received numerous requests and opportunities to build hinged plastic enclosures with our NMR Technology

Plastic Instrument Enclosures

Someone recently inquired if we make plastic instrument enclosures here at Envision using NMR Technology - Of course we do

Custom Signage - Plastic, Aluminum Composite Materials

Envision Plastics and Design recently had the opportunity to be involved in a project fabricating custom signage for store displays using composite materials such as Dibond, Alucabond, and Alupanel

R&D Plastic Enclosure Projects

The end of another year is approaching and it's time to use up your R&D budget -  "Use it or lose it

Plastic Safety Covers

Over the past couple weeks we have seen a couple RFQ's come through our website for plastic safety covers

Mountable Plastic Enclosures

Since the early days of plastic enclosure design at Envision Plastics using our NMR Technology, we've integrated different ways to mount plastic enclosures

Diagnostic Enclosure Applications

Over time, Envision Plastics and Design has been contacted several times to apply NMR Technology to plastic electronic enclosure applications used for diagnostics

Non-metallic and Metallic Electronic Enclosures

Over Envision Plastic's 12 year history, we developed several projects that have in some way, shape, or form, involved metal as a component

Project Box Options

In the need for a custom plastic project box? Maybe a project box made from ABS?  Polycarbonate?  Envision Plastics can utilize NMR Technology to make many variations of electronic project boxes from various plastic sheet materials

Plastic Bezel for Tablet

Envision recently developed a tablet display enclosure for a telecommunications company

Wound Treatment Medical Product Bezel Enclosure

One of our customers here in St

WIFI Relay Plastic Enclosure

Envision just completed an interesting new project for a Fortune 500 technology firm who teamed up with a national retailer to develop a communication device using WIFI to relay shopping information to cellular customers registered to the retailers app or site

EMI Coatings

Over the past decade we've made dozens of different plastic enclosure part designs that required EMI shielding in them

Plastic Transport Containers

Envision's bread and butter projects are those which require a plastic enclosure for a single custom PCB Board application

Custom Plastic Enclosure Test Fixtures

Over time, Envision Plastics and Design has had many projects that are made as test fixtures

Densetec Marine Board

On a recent project a customer wanted a plastic panel fabricated that may be used as a writing surface as well

UHMW Table Top CNC Routing

As I'm sure we've mentioned previously, Envision not only specializes in custom plastic electronic enclosures, but also various other product types like panels, doors, brackets, and yeah, even table top work surfaces

How to Build a Custom Plastic Enclosure

In doing some FAQ research from our incoming requests, customer inquiries, and even a little Google research, we've come across numerous inquiry phrases revolving around "How to Build a Plastic Housing"  or "How to Build a Custom Electrical Enclosure"

Military Plastic Enclosure Applications

Over time, Envision has had the priviledge to make custom plastic enclosures for many branches of the military

IP 66 Custom Plastic Housings

Recently we were asked if we can make IP 66 or IP 67 custom plastic enclosures using our No Molds Required plastic fabrication technology

Outdoor Environment Plastic Enclosure

Envision Plastics has a new project which would entail making a custom outdoor electronic plastic enclosure

Custom Colored Plastic Sheet and NMR Fabrication

For the most part, Envision offers a few different grades (UL94-V0, etc

Medical Cart Design Project

We recently received the opportunity to design a new cart for a medical device manufacturer

Polycarbonate Faceplate

Envision received a nice new project today making polycarbonate faceplates

Second Freedom CNC Milling Machine Has Arrived!


Plastic Electronic Potting Enclosures

One of the more frequent requests coming from Envision Plastics' clients is the requirement for a potting enclosure

Worldwide Providers of NMR Technology

Envision Plastics and Design just shipped our very first order of custom electronic enclosures to Australia

Membrane Switch Enclosures

Our NMR Technology engineering team recently completed a new design for a medical device enclosure company

Automotive Aftermarket Electrical Enclosures

We've mentioned before how our NMR Technology touches so many industries

New Freedom Milling Machine!

For the second time, Envision has added a new piece of equipment to it's repertoire - A new CNC Plastic milling machine

Steady Supplier to Canada

For several years, Envision has been supplying Canada with custom plastic enclosures

ESD Housings for Microprocessors

Envision Plastics just landed a new contract to make custom ESD polycarbonate enclosures

Dibond Housing Sample

Envision is in the midst of developing a prototype plastic enclosure out of Dibond material

Anti-static Material

Envision has used anti-static ABS for a few plastic enclosure applications

Point of Purchase Product Holder

Just received feedback from a new customer on a plastic point of purchase display tray -"Product fits great in the tray

ABS Crate Panels

Envision Plastics just received a commitment from a local biomedical product packaging company for a large order of custom ABS plastic panels [custom ABS plastic panels] (https://www

MRI Diagnostic Machine

In collaboration with a local medical device maker, Envision will be utilizing NMR Technology in the design of a new MRI diagnostic device

New CNC Milled Delrin Spacer

Added another new customer today

Envision's new Mimaki Printer!

Envision's new

World Financial Towers

In a post a few weeks back, I mentioned building the sheet metal elevator kiosks with plastic face plates for ThyssenKrupp that are going in the new 1 World Trade Center building