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PCB Enclosures

Plastic Enclosure for single PCBPCB plastic housing with front cutouts for connectorsSnap-together UU PCB plastic Housing with C+M+Y+K printingPlastic Custom Arduino Enclosure with SilkscreeningPCB Electronics plastic enclosure with standoffs and removable coverSingle PCB Electronics palstic Housing with Mounting Tabs Single PCB Vertical Mount plastic Enclosure for electronics EMI Copper Sprayed Electronic Custom plastic EnclosureCustom PCB Enclosure with recess for label and removable coverCustom plastic ABS PCB Enclosure with mounting tabsUL94-V0 plastic Medical Housing for Single PCBCustom single PCB plastic Enclosure with Label Recess and Venting HolesSingle PCB plastic Housing with mounting standoffs and bosses plasticCustom Electronic plastic Enclosure for large PCB BoardCustom plastic Single PCB Enclosures with LCD WindowsSingle PCB Enclosure with Clear Cover and Mounting FlangeCustom Plastic Automotive PCB housing with clear cover and mounting flangesCustom PCB Enclosure with bosses and Standoffs for mounting PCBPlastic Custom PCB Housing for electronicsCustom Single PCB Plastic Electronic Housing with mounting flanges Single PCB Electronic Enclosure with Mounting tabs Table Top Mounted Single PCB Plastic Housing with Infrared LensCustom Fabricated Medical PCB Device plastic EnclosurePlastic Enclosure for single PCB with LEDsRemovable Cover Custom Plastic Electronics Enclosure with under table mount features EMI Copper Sprayed Electronic EnclosureCustom plastic test fixture for PCB ElectronicsCustom Black plastic PCB Enclosure for electronicsCustom plastic Control Console for multiple PCBsEMI Shielded multi PCB Housing for electronicsCustom plastic clam shell polycarbonate PCB enclosure with digital printed logoPCB plastic Enclosure housing for electronics with copper EMI shieldingPlastic PCB Rack Mount Enclosure Housing with digital printingcustom plastic housing with standoffs for multiple PCBsABS UL94-V0 PCB Housing with digital printingACM Hinged Electrical enclosure for PCB custom fabricationcustom plastic fabricated PCB Housing with mounting flangesplastic fabricated PCB enclosure housing custom with LCDCustom Single PCB enclosure housing with infrared lens
PCB Enclosures
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The NMR Technology creates many types of plastic electrical housings and enclosures, but some of these custom enclosures have a variety of electronics in them in addition to the printed circuit board (PCB). The housings on this page are single circuit board PCB enclosures. There are a variety of styles used such as UU Housings, L-Slides, Screw Down Cover, etc. There are also a few different ways to mount the circuit boards in the enclosures. Some can be mounted in side wall grooves and kept secure purely from securing the connectors in the side wall cutouts, some have PCBs that slide in on side wall grooves, and some use standard bosses or standoffs with threaded inserts to secure to. No matter how you look at it, NMR Technolgy offers serious value when it comes to custom lower volume production printed circuit board enclosures.

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