Enhance Enclosures with EMI Coatings

EMI or RFI Coating Enhancements On Your Plastic Enclosure

EMI or RFI coatings are a functional enhancement we can add to the interior surface of custom plastic enclosures. The coatings can be made of copper or nickel. The coating can be applied to the raw plastic sheet before we begin our NMR manufacturing process or after the custom plastic housing is fully assembled. In this latter case, the enclosure is masked and then sprayed as a complete enclosure or enclosure component..

Two brands our suppliers use on our plastic enclosures are Evershield (Nickel) and PPG Series 599-Y2000 (Copper):

Evershield Nickel Coating RoHS Cert:

PPG Series 599-Y2000 Copper Coating RoHS Cert:

Nickel EMI Shielding on custom plastic enclosures