Customer Types Envision Serves

Customer Types Envision Serves

Envision Plastics and Design serves several different types of customers. Some are Fortune 500 companies, some are garage start-ups. Regardless of revenue, all of our customers have valid project applications to gain full value of the No Molds Required fabrication technology.


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS):

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that designs parts and equipment using existing marketplace items with the additional probable requirement of custom equipment, parts, or software to make a product that is sold direct by the OEM or through distribution. An example of this would be Envision fabricating a custom medical plastic enclosure for GE Healthcare who in turn sells their complete product to hospitals and clinics.

Entrepreneurs / Start-ups:

While we do not invest in ground level proprietary products, we certainly contribute and add value due to our expertise with design and fabrication of plastic housings, enclosures, panels, and other plastic parts that have important functionality requirements with new project applications. Some of our ‘start-up’ customers have been people developing products in their basement and some have been medical firms that are supported solely by venture capitalists.


Contract Manufacturers:

These companies find us as part of a solution to one of their customer’s needs or are directed/recommended to use Envision Plastics due to our name on their customer’s bill of materials as the proper approved supplier of a plastic housing, panel, enclosure, or other plastic component that is required to complete a project assembly at the contract manufacturer.

Industrial Design Firms:

Utilization of Envision’s NMR Technology is similar here as it is with contract manufacturers. When their customer requires a plastic enclosure with their project assembly (BOM), we are a nice tool in their design tool box. We often have been seen as “heroes” when we can get the design firm accolades from their customer in providing a low up front capital solution to their plastic enclosure needs.

Retail Stores:

Envision has supplied product direct to retailers as well. Customers have included Home Depot (custom security enclosure), BME Lab Store (custom product name plates), and other signage applications utilizing our Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) option as an alternative to typical plastic fabrication materials.


Job Shops:

As a job shop ourselves, our customers in this category need a solution as part of their BOM or solution to their project application that is not part of their own core line of work. We have provided plastic elevator panel fixtures to a metal fabricator, clear polycarbonate shields to a machinist, and custom flat plastic panels to an injection molder. Over time, this project list has been quite extensive!

All of these customer classes have one thing in common – the need for fully functional custom plastic parts. Sometimes it’s 1. Sometimes 1,000+. Envision does not have a minimum order quantity and our first prototype will be the same as any future part off the production line. We serve customers worldwide, but all of our manufacturing and fabrication is done in the U.S.

Examples of clients served
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