Envision's Value

Envision's Value vs. Other Manufacturing Processes:

No%20Molds%20Required!%20V2%20%281%29The No Molds Required plastic fabrication technology at Envision Plastics certainly has plenty of advantages. Couple that with our experience in manufacturing, quality, and customer service, we show ample value to our multitude of clients, industries served, and projects completed. Here are some examples of value we add versus other types of manufacturing:

Injection Molding:

The NMR technology does not use molds or tooling. New product designs can hit the market sooner, more economically, and with more flexibility during the design/prototype phase. Why work with an overseas supplier or have excess lead time to get your parts? All of our manufacturing and suppliers are in the United States.


Off-the-shelf project boxes:

How often is it that you find the exact enclosure you need to fit your PCB board’s desired functionality? Mounting features, hole cutouts, overall size, look, material type….all of these variables are custom options that the NMR technology may provide.


Once again, it comes down to necessary tooling. NMR can be a cost savings up front and also be the better long term solution since many tools need to be scrapped or remade after x-amount of parts are made from it.

3D Printing:

While 3D printing is an awesome technology, it is not always awesome – or cost effective – for production units. Material choices and product finishing can eliminate the value of 3D printing in a hurry once prototyping is complete.

Sheet Metal:

In coming from a sheet metal background, the founders of Envision grasp the value of sheet metal fabrication. However, with NMR, the main differentiators are:

  • no metal finishing is necessary
  • potential for a lighter weight product
  • plastic materials can be put in otherwise limited environments with no risk of rust, leaching, or dents!


Other Plastic Fabricators:

Other plastic fabricators mainly use a butt-joined method to weld their enclosure components together. NMR uses a tongue and groove method which requires higher tolerances with necessary steps in the CNC milling, forming, and solvent welding operations to ensure a tight, strong, cosmetic fit. Furthermore, our parts are formed with CNC bending machines that can hold higher tolerances than the typical line bender.


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