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No molds. No tooling. No problem.

Custom plastic enclosures made for you.

The ability to manufacture plastic enclosures and plastic housings without the use of tooling or molds saves our customers thousands of dollars in tooling costs and saves them weeks to months in development and delivery time. Another benefit with our method of building custom plastic enclosures is the fact that the customer has design flexibility at all stages of the products life.

There are several basic design options we can apply to meet your specific plastic enclosure application. Removable covers, gaskets, mounting flanges, din rail housing, and PCB mounting features are just a few. With the integrations of these options, our plastic enclosure designs can have a large value benefit over generic off-the-shelf enclosures.

ABS Enclosures

Envision utilizes many different grades of ABS to create custom plastic enclosures for our customers. Grades include fire rated, weatherable and anti-static properties.

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Electronic Enclosures

Envision's "bread and butter" are plastic electronic enclosures. These custom electronic housings are designed in all sorts of shapes and styles to fit our customer's needs.

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EMI/ESD Housings

EMI / ESD shielding can be added to any custom plastic housing as needed.

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Gasketed Enclosures

Envision can make plastic enclosures and other types of plastic housings with design elements to help with weather resistance, moisture, and dust protection.

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LCD Housings

Most custom designs can also accommodate cutouts for LCD windows. Envision can provide this service to you.

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PCB Enclosures

The NMR Technology creates many types of plastic electrical housings and enclosures, but some of these custom housings have a variety of electronics in them in addition to the printed circuit board (PCB).

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