Wall Mount Plastic Enclosures

Wall Mount Plastic Enclosures
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Wall Mount Custom Plastic Enclosures

Envision Plastics and Design fabricates many different types of custom plastic enclosures for electronics, pneumatics, analytic equipment, and maybe just "space" in the case of storage bin enclosures. Well, sometimes these enclosures need to be affixed to machines, tables, and of course, walls. The pictures to the left are all examples of custom fabricated enclosures designed for wall mounting applications.

Some of these enclosures have clear covers to see into the housing, some have digital printing to enhance functionality and/or user interaction, and still others are simply opaque to conceal the PCBs and "guts" of the plastic enclosure. Since all enclosures are custom made to your specs these housing examples are all sorts of different sizes and have different methods of fastening or securing thier contents. A common method of securing enclosures is to simply snap two-clam shells together to form what we call a UU box enclosure. Of course, there are other methods as well - such as using fasteners.

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