Custom Plastic Fabrication : Bins and Trays

Bins & Trays
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Plastic Fabrication of Custom Storage Bins and Trays

Sure, there are lots of plastic bins and plastic trays that you might be able to find at Target, Walmart, or Amazon, but what happens when you might need a custom size with custom features? Maybe something that requires digital branding or product functionality labeling? Well, if that's the case, Envision's No Molds Required fabricaiton technology might be the solution to your project application. We can make the items in the gallery to the left out of various sheet materials that come in a varierty of colors, types, and UL grades. If you have electro-static concerns, we could use ESD plastic sheet for the fabrication of your bin or tray.

Custom plastic trays could include:

  • Test tube holder trays
  • PCB transport trays
  • Drip trays
  • Pet Trays

Custom plastic bins could include:

  • Basic storage bins
  • Trash Can Inserts
  • Stock room bins
  • Product flow bins
  • Machine purge bins
  • Receiving Bins

Whatever the use, if you need a custom fabricated plastic container, Envision Plastics' NMR Technology may be the perfect fit!

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