Custom Design Services For Your Plastic Enclosure Project

Custom Plastic Enclosure Design

We provide custom design services for plastic enclosures, panels, housings, and various other fabrication concepts. We can help you design a custom part that fits your application or adapt your existing design to fit our No Molds Requried capabilities at the most economical price possible.

Custom Design No Molds Required Plastic Fabrication Technology of Enclosures

How can we help?

After reading the infographic above, which route best fits you? In reality, the route plastic enclosure design projects and thier engineers take can vary greatly. The main point is, whatever you are starting with, we can help. Whether you have a fully designed and populated PCB or just the frustration that you do not like the look of an off the shelf plastic project box. Another scenario may be that you have several components you just need a plastic housing for and you can't afford the time or money it takes to develop an injection tool or mold. Like I said earlier, we can help. With our first conversation - well before a quote is even compiled - we are already creating the design! If you are ready for a conversation about your custom plastic enclosure design click on the Request A Quote button at the top of this page! We'll be happy to help. If you would like one more example of how we can help with designing your custom plastic housing, check out the design scenario below....

"Envision Plastics has greatly enhanced our products allowing us to relaunch them into the market and boost our sales. Their engineering team was fantastic. They made the design process quick and simple. After shipping some samples and one conference call their team designed an enclosure that went above our expectations. We love that we can print our logo and text directly onto the products. Envision Plastics enclosures not only look great but they also streamlined our production process. I can’t speak highly enough about this company."

Mark, Design Engineer Medical Device OEM