Digital Printing On Plastic Enclosures

Digital Printing on Plastic Enclosures

Envision also has the capability to digitally print plastic enclosure projects in-house. We print the CNC milled plastc parts in the flat and use CMYK + White + black. This digital printing process can be used on all our materials including high impact poloystyrene, ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, ACM, and interestingly enough, we also can print on metal!

Digital printing on your plastic enclosures is very easy and has many advantages over silk-screening and labels.

vs. Silkscreening

  • No screen tooling is necessary
  • Image is crisper and finer details are possible
  • Often has better adhesion to the plastic material
  • Full color printing available without the hassle of multiple screens or registration problems

vs. Labels

  • Recesses to support a label are not needed
  • Better adherence than a label which can get picked off
  • No secondary application of a label, product comes in complete

To use this service on your plastic housing, all we need from you is some simple artwork (possibly an Adobe Illustrator file) and some dimensions for the location of the printed items.

Digital Printing on plastic enclosures

"When we decided to use Envision Plastics and Design for our smart card development enclosure it seemed like the only real solution. We were struggling with earlier versions that were really too heavy for our technicians to put into a suitcase. Envision’s NMR manufacturing process allowed me to create a design that is lightweight and cosmetically pleasing. We were able to use their digital printing capabilities to designate branding, identify connector receptacles, and additional front panel information. The team was great to work with!”

Gary, Design Engineer Industrial Products OEM