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Gasketed Enclosures

Custom ABS Plastic Enclosure with Neoprene gasketWater Resistant Plastic Enclosure with removable cover and gasketWeatherable plastic enclosures with gasketsCustom Black plastic enclosure with gasket UL94-V0 UV Resistant Plastic Enclosure with removable cover and frame for gasketCustom Plastic Gasketed Enclosure with Gasket
Gasketed Enclosures
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Gasketed Plastic Enclosures

While Envision does not provide NEMA or IP certification on our custom plastic enclosures, we can certainly make plastic enclosures and other types of plastic housings with design elements to help with weather resistance, moisture, and dust protection. We typically use a screw down lid concept with either an expandable foam/neoprene gasket or an O-ring gasket. When secured, the cover compresses the gasket on the internal frame to create a tight seal.

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