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Plastic Speaker Enclosures

Custom Plastic Speaker Enclosure with two chambers and removable coverplastic speaker enclosure housing with logoABS Speaker Enclosure HousingPlastic ABS Speaker Enclosure Bezelplastic Speaker Bezel with standoffs for PCB electronicsBlack Speaker Housing for Industrial UseCustom fabricated speaker housing with LCD CutoutCustom Made Desktop plastic Enclosure with Speaker8840.jpg
Plastic Speaker Enclosures
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Custom Made Speaker Enclosures

With the capabilities provided by the No Molds Required fabrication technology, we have designed and manufactured several custom plastic speaker enclosures and housings made from a few different materials - most often ABS. In addition to custom sizes, hole cutouts, LCD windows, and removable cover panels, we can also add threaded insert standoffs to the interior of the plastic speaker housings to allow for the mounting of electrical components and PCBs. Need some branding? Easy! Simply send us your company logo art files and we'll digitally print it whereever you need on the speaker housing.

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