EMI Coatings Applied to Electronic Enclosures


Over the years, Envision Plastics and Design has made dozens of different custom plastic enclosure part designs that required EMI shielding applied to them. We've used both copper shielding and nickel coatings. Product information can be found on our EMI Coatings Page.

Methods to Apply EMI Coatings to Custom Plastic Enclosures:

* Spray the flat ABS or HIPS plastic sheet in the flat prior to the milling process.

EMI Coatings on custom plastic enclosures and housings

* Apply coating using a "typical" painting process. However, select areas need to be masked when applying the EMI coating this way.

Copper EMI Spray coating on Custom Plastic Electronic Housings

On the whole, it is more economical to spray the ABS sheet in the flat, but for some plastic enclosures, more coverage is necessary and needs to paint fully painted after the No Molds Required fabrication process is complete. Which way works best can be discussed during our project design development phase.