Simple Guidance For Custom Plastic Enclosure Design That Everyone Needs


Standard plastic enclosures are great. They serve multiple purposes, are produced in mass quantities, are cost-effective, and readily available. In many cases, they house whatever you’d like--computers, radios, circuit boards, devices, etc. But, there is one major issue with a standard, “off-the-shelf” plastic enclosure: if you want it to hold various components (e.g. computers, radios, circuit boards, devices, etc.) it will certainly do that so long as those components fit in the predetermined case size. If the components are too big, or cannot be maneuvered to fit within the enclosure, that plastic box lacks utility. If the components happen to fit but change over time due to advancements, your once trusty enclosure is now obsolete and a new solution must be found.

Off-The-Shelf vs Custom

Let’s take a look at the enclosure below. It is designed to hold small PCBs. It is a snap together design and comes with mounting flanges. It measures 8.28 x 5.91 x 2.01 inches and is readily produced. You can house many things inside and this enclosure could provide great benefit. If you need an enclosure like this, let us know and we can make something similar in functionality. Pre-Made Plactic Enclosure This plastic enclosure is a good solution for whatever can fit inside. But,

  • What if you need additional features on your plastic enclosure?
  • What if you need to internally mount a mini-computer(s) on the inside?
  • What if a circuit board needs to be positioned next to air vents?
  • What if you need external connections to power the housed devices?
  • What if you need a door to access the inside? There are a lot of “what if’s” that make choosing a plastic enclosure difficult. There are many more than what is even mentioned above. Because of all the “what if’s” that come into play and because of all the uncertainties that arise when choosing an off-the-shelf plastic enclosure, there is a comfort knowing that there are other options. And the perfect option to incorporate all the various components and features into a plastic box is a custom designed plastic enclosure.

Custom Designed Plastic Enclosure

Compared to an “off-the-shelf” option, custom plastic enclosures are designed just the way you want it. If you need custom mounting, you can have it. If you need exterior connections, no problem. Need a unique wall mount, no issue. A slide-on cover, that can be done as well. Anything that is needed can be done, when it is custom designed. Plastic Enclosure with attributes listed for a Custom Plastic Enclosure

Custom plastic enclosures provide the freedom to have it done your way, to have it done right, and to have the project function as it was intended. Sometimes an off-the-shelf box will get the job done, but it won’t be done well. Components will not fit properly, they may move around, or you will lack access to the proper connections.

Have it done right. Have it done your way. Have your plastic enclosure custom designed today, just the way you want it.