Top 10 Customer Inquiries - Answered!


Over our 19 years of making custom plastic enclosures, we've heard a lot of different questions regarding our capabilities and how we can help make our client's projects some to fruition. There seem to the top ten welve been asked - in no particular order.

“Does Envision sell off the shelf stocked enclosures?”

Nope! We only fabricate custom plastic enclosures using our No Molds Required plastics fabrication technology.

“Can you supply a NEMA or IPC rated Enclosure?”

Since we do not sell “off the shelf” product, we cannot go through the certification process to ensure a custom designed plastic housing meets NEMA or IP ratings. That being said, using certain construction methods and gaskets, we CAN make enclosures that are water and dust resistant, much like NEMA and IP enclosures.

custom plastic enclosure fabrication weatherable outdoor with gasket ABS

“What is your size limit?”

We do not have a specific size limit to the parts we can fabricate. Our CNC milling beds can limit us (5’x10’, 4’x8’, 36’x40’), but we can piece meal parts together that are larger with fasteners or other means.

“Is this 3D printing?”

Nope – It’s plastic sheet fabrication. We do not do any 3D printing at Envision. While we do make prototypes, we design with the intent that the parts will become production parts in the future. This makes the transition within the product lifestyle ideal for our customers since the first prototypes are identical representation of what production parts will look like.

“Do you sell ACM Material?”

Not exactly. Like our plastic sheet material, we buy the ACM (aluminum composite material) sheets from distributors. We do not resell it to our customers. Our sole intent on buying these unique materials is to fabricate panels, enclosures, and other designs from the ACM.

“Can I buy plastic sheets?”

No. We buy our plastic sheets form distributors with the intent to fabricate our customer’s products from. We are not a reseller.

“Can you make din rail housings?”

Yes! We certainly can. Now, with NMR, our method of incorporating the “snap on” din rail feature can be unique to each enclosure. In brief, and in most cases, a laminated ‘block’ is solvent welded to the rear of the housing. This block contains threaded inserts to which a metal din rail snap on clip is attached. This way the din rail enclosure is robust and can be taken on and off the din rail itself as necessary.

Din Rail Custom Plastic Electronic Enclosures

“Can you modify existing enclosures?"

No, we are not able to do any secondary machining to plastic enclosures on our 3-axis CNC routers. We recommend contacting a local machine ship with 5 axis CNC machines that can fixture your plastic housings more accurately and add any features necessary.

“Can I buy the box I saw on your website?”

Unfortunately, no. Each of the custom plastic enclosure designs you see are functional to their own industry application and possibly used in a proprietary manner. That being said, we can offer custom variations of some of the plastic enclosure concepts. Check out our Enclosure Concepts page for more information.

“What colors do you offer for materials?”

Since all of our customers have very unique product applications, the amount of materials necessary to satisfy everyone would be very difficult to have on hand. Therefore, we have selected a few common materials, in various thicknesses and grades, but mostly black in color. However, we do have some gray and whites to use as well as the option to order custom extrusions from our suppliers which could satisfy nearly every color and/or thickness necessity.