Advantages of Using Plastic for Your Next Enclosure


One red and one white custom plastic enclosure Plastic is continuing to evolve as it can be lightweight, durable, thermally conductive, cost-effective, and easy to manufacture.

When developing a project, every detail must be considered to ensure a positive outcome. Overlooking one part of a complex project could drastically affect price, the design process, quality of the end product, and eventually lead to an end result that is undesirable. One major consideration for any project is materials and we’ll address how plastic has become the material of choice.

Advancements in Plastic Technology

Although metal has historically been recognized as one of the most durable materials, advancements in the field of plastic engineering have improved and are outperforming metal in many categories. Plastics are resistant to heat and chemicals, are thermally conductive, and offer more and more characteristics that are similar to metal. By no means will plastic replace metal, but for many markets, plastic is becoming the material of choice for all these reasons. Plastics%20can%20be...1

Reduced Part Weight & Shipping Costs

EnvisionPlastics_MG_3987For many projects, weight plays an important role. Sometimes it is less prevalent while other times the weight of a unit can determine success or failure. If a number of metal parts are replaced or combined with plastic engineered parts, a plastic device will generally weigh less than a metal device of similar dimensions. If a company ships, packs, or installs their product, there will be a major impact on the bottom line as unit weight will impact these costs.


Plastic does not conduct electricity. This is vitally important if there are concerns about an electrical shortage or if a device is used near water. A plastic electronic enclosure provides an element of safety for the user by securely housing electronics and electrical wirings. safety1

Faster Lead Times With NMR Technology

shorter%20lead%20times1 Although faster isn't always better, in some cases it can mean life or death for businesses. Plastic parts can be manufactured in a similar manner as its metal counterparts with quick cycle times and fast turnover rates. When comparing typical plastic molds to NMR Technology, the advantages are obvious, including shorter lead times.

Plastic Enclosures Can Reduce Cost

Perhaps the most critical feature of plastic enclosures is cost reduction. In general, if a product is too expensive for the market, it will not sell, regardless of how marvelous it is. Since companies are always working with tight margins in a competitive marketplace, there is increased pressure for designers and engineers to develop products that are cost-effective and of sound design. Since plastic is a less expensive raw material compared to metal, budgets and spending can be reduced by going the plastic route. cost-effective1

Plastic is continuing to evolve. It is becoming more suitable for modern product demands of being lightweight, durable, thermally conductive, cost-effective, and easy to manufacture. Envision Plastics and Design has experience assisting and creating solutions for customers with the most unique projects and designs. Because we don’t use molds or tooling, we can design and fabricate a plastic enclosure without upfront tooling costs. Contact us today to request a plastic fabrication quote. Envision%20Infographic