How To Make Custom Plastic Enclosures - Envision a New Way of Plastic Fabrication


Custom Plastic Enclosures - No Molds No Tooling No Problem.

Over the years I've written about our No Molds Required Plastic Fabrication Technology on (or in) many media outlets. Online publications, print magazines, blogs (like this one), Linkedin, hard copy hand outs, and of course in-person presentations to mechanical engineers, designers, and buyers. Finally, after years of typing, I can deliver the message of our NMR capabilities with a new media - Video! Sure, I'm still typing. And you're still reading. However, I can't just leave you with the "play" button below. Maybe I should do you the service to explain just a little bit more about how we make plastic enclosures with no molds or tooling? Nah, I'll let the video speak for itself. Enjoy!

So what did you think? Is NMR fabrication something that can work for your custom enclosure application? Ok, maybe you aren't looking for a custom plastic enclosure at all - you're looking for a custom plastic cover, shield, or panel. Will Envision be the vendor to bring your part to life? I'm guessing we can! We've made thousands of different plastic fabricated part designs over the past two decades; providing solutions to hundreds of customers world wide. For more information, please see our Custom Design page!

Custom Plastic Enclosure for Electronics ABS Custom Fabricated plastic machine panel with digital printing Custom plastic fabrication cover ABS Machine guard

If you think we may be the right solution for your custom plastic enclosure or fabricated part, see our contact us page or click on the "Request a Quote" button on the top iof this page. We'd love to hear from you!