Hide the Speakers, But Keep the Sound with a Custom Plastic Speaker Enclosure


Speakers are the lifeblood of any audio system. Some are in living rooms while others are in large auditoriums. Some are inconspicuously placed in flower beds while others are craftily placed in a vehicle’s trunk. Wherever a speaker can be found there is bound to be audio, but is it great audio?

Are your speakers hidden, or an eye-sore?Black Custom Speaker Enclosure

We have all been to that one friend’s house who has his speakers hiding behind fake plants and his subwoofer buried under a recliner. By doing so, the fake plants are provided with the best sound experience in the house and everyone else with a marginal sound experience. Yes, slight alterations to placement within a room can make dramatic improvements to the overall sound, but for your friend’s spouse, this is non-negotiable because the speakers and subwoofer are “eye-sores” and do not fit in with the shabby chic decor.

It is also not uncommon to see speakers shoved in the ceiling, put in-floor (not recommended for those with concrete slabs), placed in a cabinet, and housed behind a false wall--sometimes plastered and painted over and covered with acoustic fabric. Regardless of how speakers are hidden, people go to great lengths so that they can listen to their audio while covering up the not-so-great-look of their much-needed speakers. This is great and all, as long as you are okay sacrificing the quality of your audio in the process.

Keep the Sound Quality While Enclosing the Speaker

With the constant change in speaker size, technology, the demand to keep up with the Joneses, plus the never-ending desire to have these wonderful and very important masterpieces “hidden”, what can one do?

A custom enclosure, made specifically for the purpose of housing a speaker, is the way to go. Whether it is needed for a home theater, a vehicle, or outdoor entertainment purposes, preserving high-quality sound is the ultimate goal. Custom speaker enclosures are custom-made to protect/hide the contents inside while providing the best sound quality possible.

Besides providing covertness and protection, custom speaker enclosures can include:Vertical Custom Speaker Encosure

  • Printing with your logo/design
  • Exact hole cutouts and size
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Screw Down Lid
  • Crafted to fit in a custom location
  • Enhance Your Investment, Don’t Diminish It Don’t muffle your speakers with shoddy “hiding” practices. Get the job done right and keep the high-quality sound you want with a custom speaker enclosure that is specifically designed for the high-quality equipment that it is. Enhance your sound, enhance your investment, and keep the shabby chic decor intact. Even if you are forced to conceal your speakers, do it with a custom speaker enclosure and you will know, and hear, that you have the best sound.

Discuss your idea with a custom speaker enclosure expert at Envision Plastics & Design. Send us a file of your design or tell us about your project today.