How To Be Unpopular In The Plastic Enclosure Design World


There are certainly many different routes to consider when designing a custom plastic enclosure. It is important for suppliers to offer suitable options for their customers. The following is what NOT to do when it comes to proper custom plastic enclosure design.

Charge way too much and take way too long to provide a functional production injection mold tool set.

Well, since we don’t use molds or tooling to manufacture custom plastic enclosures, this is not a problem for us!

Don’t offer customized PCB standoff locations.

You shouldn’t be limited in how you mount your PCB in a custom plastic housing. In fact, with our 100% customization, you may even be able to snap a PCB in place into the side wall of the enclosure rather than use standoffs at all!

Make the customer guess as to where they want PCB component hole cutouts.

Since we add PCB component hole cutouts during our custom NMR fabrication process, there is no need for you to have to explain to an off-the-shelf producer where to place PCB component cutouts on your plastic enclosure. When we work with you, we may already have your board in hand to work from and will offer you a dimensioned drawing showing you the housing we are making before we cut plastic. That way you know the cutouts are where you want them.

Inability to modify your plastic enclosures based on internal component unpredictability.

Have you ever had a PCB component go obsolete, be forced to find a new component, and had to modify your enclosure to fit the new version? At Envision it’s easy to make this simple change with a couple programming keystrokes. We’ll have the new version of your custom plastic enclosure back into production in no time.

Limit your plastic enclosure sizes.

Envision Plastics offers a near endless combination of LxWxH dimensions for our customers’ plastic enclosure applications.

Only offer limited non-certified plastic sheet materials.

At Envision, the stocked sheet materials used on our custom plastic enclosures are all Rohs compliant and UL listed.

Failure to provide branding options.

A lot of off the shelf housings look alike. Why not create your own look? With NMR Technology, enclosure appearance can also be accentuated by digital ink printing and other features that off the shelf enclosure manufacturers can’t offer.

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