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When a new project lands on your plate that requires a custom plastic enclosure, what steps do you take to source one? There are many routes to take - some familiar, some unfamilar, and some you may not know about - not quite yet anyway... Keep reading!

Off The Shelf Cases

This route can be quick and painless. However! You may face limitations with sizes, hole cutouts, material types, PCB standoffs, and especially branding. Good thing you have a new choice. Keep reading!

Injection Molding

Marketing thinks they will sell tens of thousands....but right away? Probably not. In fact, there may even be design changes along the way with electronics, funcationality, and branding change. Is it a good idea to design this plastic box for injection molding right out of the gate? Not with these variables. Good thing you have a new choice. Keep reading!

3D Printing

Ok, so you convinced marketing that you need to make some prototypes first. 3D printing seems like a good choice for that. However, the sales people need products to demo as well. Can you really get your functional and saleable enclosure from the 3D printing process? Probably not. Good thing you have a new choice. Keep reading!

NMR Technology

Ok, so now you offcially went from the familiar ways of manufacturing to the unfamilar. Don't worry! Designing within the No Molds Required Technology (NMR) is very simple. Before reading more, please check out the video below and see how Adam utilizes the No Molds Required fabrication technology to make his custom plastic enclosure:

Pretty neat huh? At Envision Plastics we can customize your plastic enclosures to meet your project requirements in ways other manufacturing processes can't. Everything we do is custom so you know you'll be getting a product tailered to your needs and functionality - from the prototype phase through production.

To learn more about our design process, you can click on this link or feel free to contact us though our site or by phone. We can begin the design process with a few simple questions. We look forward to working with you!

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