RoHS Compliant Plastic Enclosures


Since the RoHS Directive took place in 2006, a lot of changes were made to products offered to manufacturers.  Some changes were simply in documentation stating whether or not a plastic sheet product (ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonate) was RoHS compliant or not.  Other changes were market driven - such as the elimination of materials which had potential contaminants in them or materials that would not be as high in demand and not worth manufacturing anymore.  This is what happened to Envision and the choices we had with some versions of ABS, ABS blend materials, and High Impact Polystyrene.  While we have multiple solutions for RoHS compliant plastic materials in place now, our choices were slimmed in 2006 when manufacturers chose not to distribute select materials for our use.  That being said, Envision manufactures most  - if not all -of our custom plastic enclosures are to the RoHS 2 Standard.  We are typically driven to use materials our customers specify for their plastic electronic enclosures, but when the customer does not specify, we always try to use a RoHS compliant material. We have Rohs 2 compliant ABS, polycarbonate, high impact polystyrene, acrylic, and many others to make custom electronic plastic housings from. For more information on RoHS, please click on the links below.

RoHS Directive

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