Custom Plastic Tablet Enclosures


A few months back, we mentioned fabricating custom plastic tablet display enclosures. Lately, we've had two more customers asking for this type of plastic display. I thought I'd resurrect our past posts on having the capability to accommodate this application with the No Molds Required Technology. To date, we've made a kiosk display for an ipad, a wall mount display for a Google Nexus tablet, and also a table top display enclosure for the ipad mini.

Custom Tablet Enclsoure Designs

Plastic Ipad Display Holders Custom

We now look to integrate new materials into our tablet display housings with clear polycarbonate, more digital printing added to the front faces, and new fetatures to accommodate differnet plug in situations. As we always say, the possibilties are endless. Let us know if you have a tablet which needs a custom housing and we'll show you how NMR Technology could be the ideal solution.