Ensuring Product Longevity with a Custom Plastic Enclosure


Screens are an integral part of life. We look at them frequently and are spending more time in front of them. Whether that screen is found in our pocket, at a workstation, at the shopping mall, or gas station pump, we are used to seeing screens wherever we go. Sometimes these screens are used to entertain, sometimes they are used to inform, and sometimes they are used to advertise, but regardless of the reason, screens are used everywhere.White LCD Monitor

Although their purposes may be different, screens are more economical than they once were and are proving to be efficient in accomplishing routine tasks. Conveying messages is one of the most common use for screens. But this also presents extra challenges as the ideal setting for many screens is not friendly for the technology or the device. It's ideal placement may be in a high-traffic area, outdoors, or in an unsecured setting. Thankfully, there is a solution for that: a custom plastic enclosure.

These screens, or other technological devices, that deserve a custom plastic enclosure come at a cost. An entrepreneur or inventor took time to create the device/technology. Then a user came along and purchased the device for the rights and privileges that come with ownership. These individuals, both the inventor and user, need to be confident that their investment is worthwhile and is going to sustain. Adequate protection is necessary and a custom plastic enclosure is a solution that protect screens and other devices in many ways.

Weatherable Plastic EnclosuresSmall Plastic Keyboard that was custom made

A custom plastic enclosure may need to be water resistant. Perhaps it needs to be dustproof, or dirtproof to protect the contents inside the plastic housing. Or maybe the main concern is how well the plastic enclosure will hold up to extreme temperatures or UV light. Whatever the concern, Envision Plastics & Design has helped many customers keep their investments safe. Through the use of weatherable material (e.g. R85/21), or incorporating neoprene gaskets into the design for an airtight seal, we know how to protect your investment with a custom plastic enclosure that is designed specifically for your needs.

Vented Plastic EnclosuresBlack Plastic Enclosure with numerous vents on each side

When enclosing a functional device within a plastic enclosure, the risk of overheating becomes a serious threat and may cause damage to the contents inside. But like everything we do, all our plastic enclosures are custom made. They are perfectly designed for the operation of the enclosed contents to ensure longevity and functionality. Venting slots are very common and can be added nearly anywhere on a plastic enclosure for airflow and heat management. What good is a plastic enclosure if it only protects the contents inside, but doesn’t let it breathe?


With screens around every corner, these devices are providing value and information to society in public spaces. But is there anyone keeping a watchful eye over them? In the absence of hiring around-the-clock security, a custom plastic enclosure can be designed to provide additional measures of protection. Whether it is the use of high-impact plastic with a flammability rating or the addition of custom mountings for added security, additional measures can be provided with a custom plastic enclosure.

Plastic enclosures are a great solution for many devices and can expand the lifespan of products when placed in non-natural settings. They keep contents safe from weather, dust, and other particles. They add a layer of protection from collisions and bumps that may occur, either in high traffic areas or from hand-held devices that are dropped. And when properly installed, plastic enclosures can provide an element of security for the contents inside. But having an enclosure custom designed is where the value is truly at. The proper placement of all features by a knowledgeable engineer makes the plastic enclosure design process quick and simple.

Send us your idea today! Our NMR technology saves the customer upfront costs as we don’t use molds or have tooling costs. Plus, your time is important and prototype plastic enclosures can be turned around in as little as two weeks. Join us on the road to product realization and we’ll ensure your products lasts with a custom designed plastic enclosure.

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