Finding the Perfect Camera Case, Camera Box, or Camera Housing Enclosure


Looking for the perfect plastic enclosure for a camera?

A driver’s license is a common form of identification. For many, it is their go-to form of identification as they often have it close by in a wallet or purse. Whether obtaining a license for the first time or going through the Black Camera Housinglicense renewal process, one must visit a license bureau, complete the required paperwork, and have a picture taken to accompany their license card.

Many pictures are taken each day at license bureau locations. Typically, one of each person and on occasion, a couple of extra shots can be taken for those who request a retake. The cameras that take these pictures are normally housed and protected by a box or case. These protective devices are commonly found at license bureaus, large businesses, colleges/universities, and other similar settings, where cameras are inside a nice looking box doing what they are designed to do---taking picture after picture, after picture.

Protecting Your Property

While normally positioned in a safe manner, sometimes these cameras are near high-traffic areas. People are walking near them, right by them, or around them to get into position for their conventional shot. Then the staff Black Camera Box with circular and square cutoutsis moving, adjusting, or tweaking the camera to get the right angle for the standard picture requirements. With all this movement, there is bound to be unintentional contact with the camera. Not that the camera cannot handle a bump or two, but over time enough bumps will eventually take its toll on the camera. Or one hard, clumsy move from the right angle and with just enough force will cause damage to the camera.

Like most license bureaus or similar settings, the camera is housed in a box to protect it from the threat of damage. This box is a unique apparatus that is only needed by a select few and has to fit around a unique shape--a camera. A device that is neither perfectly round, nor square. It may have a flash attached to it, as well as power cords and cables. It may need to move (zoom). And it may need to be mounted. With all these variables and the need for secure housing, finding the perfect housing will not be attainable from an off-the-shelf manufacturer of plastic boxes. Off-the-shelf boxes are not designed for cameras of different shapes, sizes, and varying attachments. Rather, they are designed for whatever purpose you want, so long as you can fit your device inside of it.

Custom Designed Camera Housing Enclosure

This is where Envision Plastics & Design provides a critical service for those seeking the perfect solution. As a custom creator of plastic enclosures, we take your idea and give it shape. Instead of trying to fit your idea intoBlack Camera case with large circular front and plastic insert a pre-cut box, we custom design and build a solution so your idea will have the perfect enclosure around it. Our proprietary technology allows us to design and fabricate a custom enclosure quickly. It also affords the customer the benefit of no upfront tooling or mold costs. Camera housings are just one example of the many products we create using our NMR Technology. Check out our work and other applications to understand how Envision Plastics & Design can give shape to your idea.