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ACM Enclosures

ACM Aluminum composite Material Alupanel Electronic EnclosureAluminum Composite Material Custom PCB Enclosure Housing with hinged lidCustom Brushed Finish ACM Custom Enclosure for PCB electronicscustom ACM Hinged Electronic Enclosure for PCB 6mm ACM Aluminum Composite Housing for Electronics
ACM Enclosures
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Aluminum Composite Material Enclosures

While enclosures made from Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) are not common place, the unique material allows for a signifacant value to be realized if applied in the right situation. Most, if not all, of our custom plastic enclosures involve solvent welding of some kind to help keep thier shape for functionality. ACM enclosures, on the other hand, can be designed to be shipped in the flat, formed easily by hand by the end user and fastened together with rivets or self-tapping screws. Why is this a value? Despite a little bit of extra (minimal) effort on the your end, shipping in the flat leads to less freight charges, minimal risk of shipping damage, and the ability to be stored in a more space-effcient manner in your warehouse. Oh - and you avoid the labor costs of forming and assembly!

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