Hardware Used With ACM

Because of the unique nature of aluminum composite materials, hardware choices must be considered more carefully. The thin aluminum facer layers will limit the typical sheet metal fastener types and the polyethylene plastic does not necessarily allow for heat staked inserts like we are used to using at Envision. There are three main hardware types we use to mechanically assemble or fasten ACM fabricated part components for enclosures, panels, and other types of housings. These are: rivets, screws, and specific PEM blind standoffs.

Hardware Used with ACM Fabrication:


Many different types of rivets can be used with ACM.  All that is required are two through holes that line up and the proper diameter and length rivet for the application.  If need be, the hole can be countersunk to accept a flush head rivet.


Any type of self-tapping screw can be used with ACM. The threads of the screw will bite mostly into the polyethylene core of the material versus the thin .012 or .008 layer of aluminum facer. 

Blind Standoffs:

  • CSOS (i.e. CSOS-632-4): Intended for thicker ACM sheet (at least .093), which allows the blind mounting hole (milled recess area) to be deeper at .075

  • CSS (i.e. CSS-632-8):      Intended for thinner sheet (at least .062), which allows the blind mounting hole to be shallower at .043 deep.

    Custom Fabricated ACM Electronic Enclosure with StandoffsACM Fabricated Enclosure with Hinged Cover and rivets