No molds. No tooling. No problem.

Custom Plastic Enclosures Made with No Tooling or Molds

At Envision Plastics and Design we shape your ideas through our No Molds Required plastics fabrication technology. The No Molds Required method allows us to design and fabricate your custom plastic enclosure without the need for expensive tooling or molds!

Enclosure Concepts

UU Box Plastic Enclosure

UU Plastic Clamshell Housings consisting of two "U" formed plastic pieces.

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L-Slide Cover Plastic Enclosures

L-Slide covers are used for applications for which the contents of a plastic housing may have to be accessed repeatedly.

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Screw Down Lid Enclosures

Envision's custom screw down lid plastic enclosures utilize heat staked threaded inserts to support the covers used on these enclosure options.

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Enclosures with Mounting Flanges

These custom plastic enclosure styles have been used in various industries such as wall mount HVAC controls, counter mounted retail check outs, and under seat mounting in automotive environments.

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Unique Designs

These custom fabricated plastic parts represent various applications of the NMR Technology.

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Past Project Examples

Electronic Plastic Enclosures

Envision's "bread and butter" are plastic electronic enclosures. These custom electronic housings are designed in all sorts of shapes and styles to fit our customer's needs.

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EMI/ESD Plastic Enclosures

EMI / ESD shielding can be added to any custom plastic housing as needed.

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Single PCB Plastic Enclosures

The NMR Technology creates many types of plastic electrical housings and enclosures, but some of these custom housings have a variety of electronics in them in addition to the printed circuit board (PCB).

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Gasketed Plastic Enclosures

Envision can make plastic enclosures and other types of plastic housings with design elements to help with weather resistance, moisture, and dust protection.

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Raspberry Pi / Arduino Plasic Enclosures

The No Molds Required plastic fabrication technology Envision uses is perfect for these electronic enclosure applications.

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As you can see above, we offer a multitude of different styles of plastic enclosures using NMR Technology. All of these product examples are custom made for specifc customer use. When we first talk about plastic enclosure design with our clients we have to determine if thier project application fits into a "typical" enclosure concept (i.e. UU Box, Removable Cover, Mounting Flange) or if it has to be a modified concept, or something completely unique. Regardless, Envision was able to provide the customized solution they were looking for to create a functional plastic enclosure for thier application.

"When we decided to use Envision Plastics and Design for our smart card development enclosure it seemed like the only real solution. We were struggling with earlier versions that were really too heavy for our technicians to put into a suitcase. Envision’s NMR manufacturing process allowed me to create a design that is lightweight and cosmetically pleasing. We were able to use their digital printing capabilities to designate branding, identify connector receptacles, and additional front panel information. The team was great to work with!”

Gary, Design Engineer Industrial Products OEM