Allen 8300FR PC/ABS

Allen 8300 Fire Rated PC/ABS

8300FR made at Allen Extruders is a polycarbonate and ABS blend with very high impact properties, stiffness, heat resistance, and outstanding thermoforming characteristics that is able to achieve a flame retardant rating without the use of carcinogenic substances.

Flame Retardant Characteristics:

  • UL 94V0 rating in a wall thickness of .118 or greater Click here for examples of UL94-V0 rated enclosures.
  • High Heat Deflection Temperature of 222 degrees F @ 66 psi

This Rohs compliant PC/ABS blended sheet is stocked in various thicknesses at Envision and is our most common UL94-V0 rated material.

Name Data Sheet RoHS Yellowcard Number Flammability Rating
Allen 8300FR PC/ABS PDF icon PDF icon PDF icon UL94V-0

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