OEM Medical Device + Sheet Metal Fab

Customer Application: Our customer was in need for an enclosure to house electronics as part of a medical device they were putting to market. It was going to be in a hospital or clinic environment so they wanted the enclosure to have a nice aesthetic appearance as well as be made from an economical and efficient manufacturing process.

Important Criteria: The enclosure could not be “square”, could not radiate EMI, and the quantity needed would be low.

Envision’s Solution: Through the capabilities of our NMR Technology, we were able to create a plastic enclosure with curves on the sides while at the same time incorporate the insertion of a sheet metal chassis from the front of the plastic enclosure during assembly. Internal gussets/ribs supported both the cold-formed radiused sides and the sheet metal chassis from Envision’s sister company, DuFresne Manufacturing. The end result was an aesthetic plastic enclosure fit for a hospital environment that did not leak EMI due to the metal enclosure within it. This medical device enclosure was designed, engineered, and manufactured through Envision within a 4 week span. Since the plastic enclosure required no tooling or molds (NMR Technology) and the parts were made essentially under one roof, the medical OEM was able to get parts in a less costly and a more efficient manner.

Custom Plastic Medical Enclosure Custom Fabricated plastic Enclosure metal support frame