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What To Do When You Cannot Find the Perfect Off-The-Shelf Plastic Box?


At Envision Plastics & Design we are in the fortunate position of providing solutions. Numerous customers approach us with a challenge they are facing. Some of these customers have searched far and wide looking for the perfect answer to their problem. They have spent countless hours scanning the Internet and reaching out to distributors, contacts, and friends; but to no avail, they are unable to find exactly what they need. Then, they get in touch with the team at Envision Plastics & Design. Through exploration and the exchange of phone calls, emails, and files (e.g. drawings, CAD, or other) we are able to bring their idea to life. Sometimes the idea is submitted on a napkin. Other times, it is well thought out and intricately detailed in a multi-dimensional software program. Regardless of where the product is in its life stage and design process, one thing is for certain--most people have looked everywhere and what they need for a plastic enclosure does not exist.

Until Now: Meet No Molds Required Technology

With NMR Technology we create custom plastic enclosures, boxes, housings, panels, shrouds, trays, and any other other plastic fabricated parts. When the store, online distributor, or even Amazon doesn’t have exactly what you need, we can create a custom solution made just the way you want it, to your exact specifications.

Off-The-Shelf Plastic Box

Many times you can find something close to what you want. But, as they say, “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”Take this plastic enclosure, for example. This flanged wall mount enclosure is readily Black flanged wall mount enclosure that is readily availableavailable, it is mass produced, and it offers two screw holes. What you see is what you get. But, what if you need side cutouts and additional wiring or venting holes? What if two screw holes are not enough? Where can the perfect plastic box be found--the one that you have been searching for? What store carries it? Who has the technology and ability to create it just for me?

NMR Technology to the Rescue

We are glad you asked! As you have found out through hours of research, no stores carry the exact plastic box that you are looking for. It does not make sense to produce and sell a product that is not highly desired and produced in low quantities. But we know that parts like this are still needed. Parts like this are sought after for those seeking precision plastic parts that solve a solution and bring an idea to life. Parts like this are the final piece to a complicated project. This is a significant reason why Envision Plastics & Design exists and why we have created No Molds Required Technology. We know there is a need and we know that the creation of molds and the extensive use of tooling can greatly increase production costs and lead times. We have eliminated those costs with this unique plastic fabrication method to help people like you.

Finding A Custom Plastic Box Manufacturer

Below are two flanged wall mount enclosures. One can be found from a number of retailers. The other is custom made. The custom designed plastic enclosure has two large holes for wiring and additional screw and venting holes on the top. This plastic box is perfectly designed for its intended use. The off-the-shelf box can be good for certain uses, but anyone who buys that is restricted to the predetermined dimensions and functions. A custom box, on the other hand, is designed with a sole purpose in mind. A purpose that will maximize efficiency and serve its intended purpose because the plastic box was made right, just as the inventor/entrepreneur/engineer wanted it. Off the shelf plastic enclosure vs Custom Plastic Enclosure

If you are growing weary looking for the perfect plastic enclosure, look no further. Our process is proven. We have helped thousands--from entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies. Contact us today to get the ball rolling and we will give shape to your idea!

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